White Lightning - Clean Ride - chain lube, 8oz bottle

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  • Sticks to Chain, not dirt
  • This is a Large bottle (240ml)
  • Use it on anything with a chain!

Keeping your chain lubed is a VERY important part of keeping your scooter, cruzin cooler, bike or motorcycle rollin'!  We have tried them all, everything from WD40, to the super expensive stuff.  We have found Clean Ride to always work the best.  It sticks to the chain, but dirt doesnt stick to it!

Keep your chain lubed or you will cut the life of your sprockets and chain by over 70%.  In other words, a chan/sprocket that would last a year, will only last 2-3 months if not kept lubed!  Add to the the fact you will need to constantly adjust it due to the wear, and the choise is clear.  Grab a bottle of White Lightning!

More Information
Fits Universal Part/Fits Many Units
Manufacturer Dunarri
MPN 30-7495
Part Status: In-Production
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