What is Demand Pricing?

One of the biggest problems in the scooter industry is the availability of parts. Its so frustrating. Imagine having a brand new scooter, breaking a small part, then not being able to use it all summer because the part is out of stock!

Dunarri's Demand Pricing solves this. When an item is in low supply and demand is high, pricing rises to help keep the part in stock for those that really need it. When demand lowers, the price will drop back to normal. Only about 5% of our items have demand active at any given time.

Demand Pricing can work to lower the price too. If we have a large quantity of an item in stock and its not selling that well, pricing will drop to stimulate sales.

When you see this icon demand pricing is active and having an effect on that items price.

Last week I got part X for $8, now its $30. What gives man?

Sorry "Man" ... demand for that part must have changed! This part may have become low in stock, or had a lot of customers buying it. Because of that demand skyrocketed, supply dropped, and the price increased. We try to hook it up as much we can, but we don't control demand, the market does!

Are all products subject to Demand Pricing?

No, we only keep hard to get products on Demand. At any given time only around 5% of our products are on demand pricing. On top of that, even if we have the product on Demand Pricing, Demand only kicks in when demand is high and supply is low. Since we have multiple warehouses around the country we try to keep as many parts in stock as possible to avoid this.

Me like! How do I demand price items on my web site?!

Sorry buddy, we wrote the demand pricing engine and its kinda our baby so its not for sale. But, Thanks for the props! You probably wouldn't like some of the comments in the code anyways =). Here are a few for your enjoyment...

# demand up
# Jimmy, if you mess with this function you will be tied to the crazy cart
# dragged around the warehouse

# Fix decimal issue with comparisons
# Umm, yea.  Take a deep breath.  The fact that this code works is about as epic climbing mount Everest..

Demand Pricing Sucks! How can you do this to me!?

Remember Mrs. Smiths high school economics class? Supply and Demand is the basis for most economies on the planet! Don't get mad as us!