22AH - 12V Battery (For building your own Pack)

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  • Long Range Batterys
  • For 48V 1000w Coolers you can expect 15-20 mile range
  • 31 mile range @ 60V

These are the same batterys we use to go on the 20+ mile "RUNS" you see on our youtube videos! Running 4 of these in a 48V cooler you will get around 22 mile range riding normal.  If you "milk it", as in keep it under 10mph and avoid hard accelleration, you can get over 30 miles!!! This battery is the same size as the 18AH batteries used in the 500 and 750 watt Cruzin Coolers, but with over 20% more capacity.

Note that this is for a single battery, if you are looking to replace all the batteries in your cooler, take a look at our battery kits.

We fully charge, peak, and test every battery we sell.  This is why you buy from coolermods.  We spend the time, and money testing products to see how they work.  We tested 9 different brands of batterys to get it right. 

More Information
Fits Cruzin Cooler 50 Series, Cruzin Cooler 51 Series, Cruzin Cooler 52 Series
Manufacturer Dunarri
MPN 28-5880
Hitch Lock None
Part Status: In-Production
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