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  • No More Flats!
  • More Ground Clearance
  • Ultra Smooth Ride

The ORIGINAL kit to add big rear tires to your Cruzin Cooler®.

Finally, a way to be able to use our larger, "FATTY" tires on the rear of your cooler. 

Just like with our "Fatty" front end, once you ride a cooler with the "Fatty" rear, you wont be able to go back to stock.  Increased ground clearance, a LOT more clearance....increased pading over bumps, the cooler handles totally different.  We were amazed when we rode the prototype of this kit....this mod makes the cooler ride just like our Evolution!

No more having your day ruined by poping tires!

Forget about the ride and increased ground clearance, we know what you that dont pop every time you ride!  These big 3" tires last around 5-10 times longer than the stock cruzin tire, and are WAY WAY WAY more strong than the stock.  I can tell you this, i ride an Evolution every day (It has Fattys all around) and I have NEVER gotten a flat.  Plus, your finally free from having to buy those expen$ive unique 2.5-4 cruzin cooler tires that dont last! The bigger tires allow you to ride your cooler offroad and in the grass no problem! Perfect for tailgates.

We built this kit STRONG.  We tested it, by abusing it, jumped it off curbs, etc.  We tried our best to bend, break or damage it.  We did this over and over until we came out with an unbreakable setup.  It took us quite a while to get this kit the way we wanted it, and it shows.  Example: stock rear brackets are 1/8", ours are twice as thick (1/4 Aluminum). 

Lateral Brace

Lateral bracing is acomplished by the removal of the right vent.  The Coolermods Fatty bracket then covers this area to add lateral bracing and stop the forward and backward movement of your rear wheel when under throttle/braking.

Passenger Footpegs

Finally, your passenger has a place to put their feet!  Select the "Rear Peg" option and we will integrate our rear pegs.  We custom machine Billet aluminum spring loaded footpegs - then weld them to the side brackets.  They "pop up" when not in use to stay out of the way! This is very trick!

Kit includes everything:

  • 2 Fatty Rear tires and tubes
  • 2 Coolermods CNC cut side brackets for Fatty
  • Coolermods Extended Axle for Fatty Rear
  • Precision Machined Spacers
  • All hardware, bolts, nuts, washers, etc.
  • Detailed Installation Instructions

Recently we have noticed some people trying to copy our kit, even using our trademark "Fatty" name.  We hate copycats.  To put it simply the other kits are junk.  They dont include the necessary parts, dont include an axle, require cutting of your cooler body, and have so called "HD brackets" that are just some aluminum put in a vice and hit with a hammer.  Do it the right way, the Coolermods "FATTY" kit.


**** Installing the FATTY REAR kit on a 52 series cooler requires cutting of metal.  It will take about twice the time of installing on a 50/51. ****


Install time: 2 hours

Install Dificulty: 4 (Scale is from 1-5 with 5 being the most dificult)

Tools Necessary for Installation

  • Phillips and Slotted Screwdrivers
  • rubber mallett or block of wood
  • 10 mm wrench
  • 3/4 inch wrench
  • Plyers
  • stiff wire to hold your chain tensioner while you work (A coat hanger will work)
  • Allen Wrench's (Came with your cooler tool kit)
More Information
Fits Cruzin Cooler 50 Series, Cruzin Cooler 51 Series, Cruzin Cooler 52 Series
Manufacturer Coolermods
MPN 75-9681
Part Status: In-Production
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