CM 42 Tooth Billet Aluminum Rear Sprocket

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  • 42 Tooth
  • Made by Coolermods in the USA
  • Billet Aluminum

Cruzin cooler uses their own bolt pattern for sprockets, so you are stuck with the cheap steel sprocket that comes with the cooler...until now!  We have come out with our own line of custom aluminum Billet sprockets for all chain drive cruzin coolers!  These don't even compare to the stock cheapo steel sprocket!

You wont find these anywhere else, we make them!  They fit both the smaller and larger bolt pattern used on all cruzin coolers!  Available in a 42 tooth for speed, 60 tooth for little more torque, or a 80 tooth for maximum torque!  Using the 42 tooth you can reach speeds over 30 Mph!!!  Use at your own risk!!!

See the torque. . Cooler pulls Ford F150

CoolerMods Cooler pulls F150 See for more info - YouTube

Use our gearing calculator to find your top speed with a particular gear combination.

Sprockets require chain lengthening/shortening.  We offer a chain as an option, this chain is long enough for any of our sprocket setups and includes a connecting link.  If you have never cut a chain before, its a simple process,  check youtube for videos on cutting a motorcycle chain.

We also have steel motor sprockets available in 11 and 13 tooth for 1000 and 2000 watt coolers.


CoolerMods Cooler pulls F150 See for more info - YouTube

A Cooler with our 80 Tooth Sprocket pulling a 2011 F150!


Install time: 50 Minutes

Install Dificulty: 4 (Scale is from 1-5 with 5 being the most dificult)


Tools Necessary for Installation

  • Stock cooler tool kit
  • 10 mm wrench
  • socket set
  • allen keys
  • Plyers
  • Grinder or Dremel tool (To cut Chain)
  • Hammer and punch (To cut chain)
More Information
Fits Cruzin Cooler 50 Series, Cruzin Cooler 51 Series, Cruzin Cooler 52 Series
Manufacturer Coolermods
MPN 27-9455
Hitch Lock None
Part Status: In-Production
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