Charger for 750 Watt Cruzin Cooler

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  • 36V 1.6A - 3pin inline connector
  • Compatibility:
  • Cooler 750 Watt
  • Most 36V Scooters using Lead Acid Batteries

Battery Charger for 750 Watt Cruzin Cooler. Charges at 1.6A, so its much faster than the stock charger!


Please Note: This charger is for 36V coolers (3 batteries) ONLY! Plugging it in to the 1000W cooler will instantly destroy it and we will void your warranty/refund. Plugging it in to a 24V (2 batteries) cooler will overcharge the batteries, likely ruining them and possibly causing a explosion! Please ensure you buy the correct charger, we have all of them available in the related products.

More Information
Fits Cruzin Cooler 750W
Manufacturer Dunarri
MPN 00-0717
Voltage 36V
Hitch Lock None
Part Status: In-Production
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