Cruzin Cooler Power and Speed by Model

Power and top speed are some of the most common questions we get over here at Coolermods.  We love power and speed, and to us, thats what makes ridin' dirty and going on long runs fun!

This information is based on the 1000 watt cooler (The most popular).  We can't test every model and the 1000 watt is by far the most popular unit.

50 Series:  These coolers came with several different sets of electronics, some were faster than others

51 Series: Cruzin went to the large Controllers and the fan cooled motor.  The 51 series controllers could pull a respectible 30 amps.  This makes these coolers some of the fastest coolers Cruzin Ever made.

52 Series:  These coolers use the small controller in a plastic case, where the wires plug directly into the controller.  This was done to make hook-up simpler, however it didnt work out too well.  The controllers are only able to pull about 20 amps max, making them 50% less powerful than the 51 series.  Also, since the plugs go directly into the controller, they fall/break off very easily when installing and removing the battery.  For these reasons we strongly recomend upgrading to a Dunarri Controller.