Sprocket Disc Mount for Cruzin Cooler

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  • Factory SDM

  • ALWAYS Locktite the screws

  • Holds brake disc and sprocket

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Drive hub.  This is the hub the sprocket and brake disc mount to.  You should always use loctite thread locker on the screws that hold this to the wheel hub to prevent them from coming loose, which eventually will damage the wheel and SDM.

compatibility Cruzin Cooler 1000W, Cruzin Cooler 300W, Cruzin Cooler 50 Series, Cruzin Cooler 500W, Cruzin Cooler 51 Series, Cruzin Cooler 52 Series, Cruzin Cooler 750W
Manufacturer Cruzin Cooler
MPN 54-3240
Part Status: In-Production
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