Welcome to Coolermods, your #1 resource for Cruzin Cooler parts and accessories.  We have been featured in several TV spots including the Super Bowl Commercial for Pizza Hut.

Featured Products
Coolermods makes parts to make your Cruzin Cooler Faster, Safer, More Reliable, and just plan more awesome!
We don't only sell our mods!  We have everything for your Cruzin Cooler, including a full inventory of Factory Genuine Cruzin Cooler parts - EVERY PART.  Coolermods has a strong relationship with Cruzin Coooler, so if they make it, we have it in stock!
Our first product was our Steering Strengthner, which still sells well today!  Our second was our very popular FATTY kit, which seems to be on every Cooler we see!  Since then we have moved to Denver, CO, opened a 5000 sq ft facility including state-of-the-art CNC machines and offices.  We have built several "Theme Coolers" including the 9/11 Cooler to commemorate the 343 Firemen that lost their lives on 9/11 2001.  We have built high-power electric coolers that reach speeds of over 50mph, and coolers that go 0-20 mph in under 2.5 seconds.  When it comes to Coolers, we make the stuff to kick butt!
Be sure to checkout our scooter parts site, wildscooterparts.com for all your scooter and go-ped parts needs!