Dunarri Replacement Tires and Inner Tubes Set for Cruzin Cooler

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Size: 2.50-4
Ply Rating: 4-ply

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  • This is a complete set of tires and inner tubes for Cruzin Coolers. It includes 2 rear tires, 2 matching rear inner tubes, 1 front tire, and 1 matching front inner tube.
    Our Dunarri brand tires are stronger and last longer than the stock Cruzin Cooler tires. Our tires were manufactured specifically for us and have a 4PR (ply rating) while the stock cooler tires are only 2PR. This means less flats and a longer lasting tire! Our inner tubes were also manufactured for us with an extra 20g of added rubber. This means they are more puncture resistant!  No one will have these tires, they can only be bought from us!
    compatibility Cruzin Cooler 50 Series, Cruzin Cooler 51 Series
    Manufacturer Dunarri
    MPN 97-7526
    Part Status: In-Production
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